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Laskey’s Services solves your water issues from drilling water wells to treating water at your faucet. Drilling wells and treating water also allows Laskey’s to sell and service pumps and electric motors used for wells and irrigation systems. From installing Gas furnaces and Air Conditioners to Geothermal heat pumps Laskey’s services can handle your HVAC  needs for home and commercial applications.

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Mark Laskey started in the water business in 1971, working for his neighbor and well driller, Ron Smith.  In 1976, Mark bought his first service truck and struck out on his own in the pump business as “Laskey’s Pump Service”.

In 1983, he opened a shop and showroom and started hiring employees.  After two years at his first location on Metcalfe St., he and Ron Smith purchased the property on Maitland Terrace, where the shop still is today; although, the building has had a major facelift and expansion going from around 3000 sq ft to over 17,000 sq ft.

In 1989, Mark purchased Ron Smith Well Drilling and began drilling wells himself.  Since then, the company has also diversified to water treatment systems, the sale and repair of electric motors,  service and installation of Geothermal Heat pump units, gas heating and air conditioning units.   All are installed and  serviced by our trained, licensed technicians.

The one man/one truck show has turned into 15 employees and 13 vehicles.  Mark’s two oldest sons, Sean and Craig are now quite involved in the business, while the youngest son, Geoff has worked part time while continuing his education.

Laskey’s combined years of experience is in excess of 250 years and counting.  From simple service calls to large construction sites, condo developments, irrigation wells, or a golf course, Laskey’s will tackle almost any job.

With over 250 years of experience Laskey’s Services can handle any problem you can throw at us!

Our Team

Debbie Inwood

Debbie Inwood

Office Administrator/Bookkeeper

Debbie has been with Laskey’s Services for the last 25 years. If you have any questions about billing requirements Debbie can help you every step of the way.
Elissa Dunn

Elissa Dunn

Assistant Office Administrator

Elissa began working for Laskey’s in 2011 with an extensive knowledge for the service industry. Contact with any questions concerning your billing.
Mark Laskey

Mark Laskey

Owner and Well Driller

Mark created Laskey’s in 1976 as a one truck operation. Mark is Licensed with the Ministry of Environment Class 1 Driller, Class 2 Digging, Class 3 drive points, Class 4 pump installer
Don Casier

Don Casier

Water Division Manager

Before working for the last 16 years at Laskey’s, Don owned his own pump installation business in Kent County for many years and brings extensive knowledge of all working pump systems and water treatment. Don is licenced with the Ministry of Environment as a Class 4 pump installer.
Craig Laskey

Craig Laskey

Pump Service

Craig bagan working with Laskey’s part time while still in high school and joined full time upon graduation and now has 19 years of experience. Craig is licenced with the Ministry of Environment for Class3 drive points and Class 4 pump installer
Sean Laskey

Sean Laskey

Manager, HVAC Division

Sean allowed Laskey’s to get into the heating and cooling business when he joined in 2007. Sean started out with his grandfather at McInnis Gas while still in school and brings years of experience. Sean is a licensed HVAC technician, Residential Air Conditioning Systems Mechanic, Fuels Safety Technician with TSSA, Accredited Geothermal installer/designer, and a Certified Gas Technician.

Pumps and Points

Water Pumps & Well Point Systems

From small 1/2 Hp pumps to large 50Hp pumps we have a pump that will suit your needs. Piston pumps, jet pumps, submersible pumps, centrifugal pumps, sewage pumps, and pool pumps are a part of our large inventory of replacement parts and repair service. Our staff has extensive knowledge of the products we sell and those of our competitors.

product lines

  • Aeromotor
  • Berkeley
  • Myers
  • Grundfos
  • Liberty
  • Complete lines of pressure tanks and fittings

Water Treatment

Laskey’s carries a full line of both water treatment and water purification products to either enhance your water or make it safe to drink. We also carry a full line of those hard to find fittings such as John Guest, Twist Lock, Shark Bite and chemicals for treating water like Chlorine, Hydrogen Peroxide, Iron Out, Rez Up etc.  Our service department carries a full line of parts to repair most brands of water softeners, R.O.’s, U.V.’s and other water products.  Filter housings, wrenches and filters for most brands are available in our showroom for you to compare.

Water Treatment

Small amounts of sulphur and iron can be removed with chemical free backwashing filters.  Heavier amounts of iron and sulphur or bacterial iron/sulphur require oxidization such as chlorine hydrogen peroxide or oxygen. Hard water and water containing small amounts of clear water iron (ferrous iron) can be removed by adding a water softener to your household plumbing.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is a safe and cost effective way to remove unwanted and sometimes harmful elements from your water. Reverse Osmosis works by forcing tap water through a semi-permeable membrane leaving contaminants behind giving you cleaner, clearer, better tasting water.

Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet disinfection uses chemical free technology to destroy deadly bacteria and pathogens.

Pool & Spa

Pool & Spa

We now carry a full range of pool and spa treatment supplies.

Bring in your water sample for a free computerized water analysis, using the most recent software for accurate results.

Geothermal & HVAC

Heat Pumps

Geothermal heat pumps are a ground source heating/cooling system that is an environmentally friendly way to heat and cool residential and commercial buildings. Can be installed for new construction or pre-existing heating system. Geothermal heat pumps can warm up your home in the winter or cool it in the summer by using temperature stored in the ground. The cool temperatures the ground captures from the winter will cool your house during the summer months and the warmth captured during the summer will warm your house during the winter months keeping your indoor temperature stable all year round. Ground source heat pumps (GSHPs) are among the most energy efficient technologies for providing HVAC and water heating.


With full gas furnace or air conditioner installations or replacement systems we provide the installation of gas lines and duct installation. Our experienced technicians make repairs to all makes and models. We carry hi-efficiency Carrier, Payne, Tappan & Gibson models.
We also:

  • install infloor heating
  •  repair commercial refrigeration systems
  • carry a large inventory of parts
  • install gas hookups for bbq’s, household stoves and dryers
  • supply and install gas or electric water heaters.


Well Drilling

With our rotary drilling rig we drill any size well, for a household, commercial, irrigation, geo loops and dewatering.  Using stainless steel screens we sand pack every job, from packed points to municipal water wells.  Certain areas are rock formations which are not a problem.

Since 1957, our proven success rate by our qualified personnel keeps us busy with Homeowners, Farmers, Contractors and Municipalities.


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